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Becky Levi was one of the first American women to compete in MMA, later becoming a fight promoter.


Levi has wrestled and boxed at Joe Byrd's Boxing Academy for a decade and a half, and also holds a second degree black belt in judo. Prior to MMA competition, she was already an accomplished athlete. At the 1987 World Games she won the plus 82 kilograms category in weightlifting[1]. While studying at the University of Arizona, she became a discus thrower, winning the 1988 Tucson Elite Classic[2] and becoming an alternate for the 1988 Olympic team. After graduating, she continued to succeed in the discus, winning the 1992 Willie Williams Classic[3]. In 1991, she attempted judo competition, initially with less success, winning one match out of four at the 1991 Olympic Festival[4], but eventually becoming a national champion. The Arizona Daily Star called her "one of the two or three greatest female athletes produced here" in an article on the University of Arizona[5].

Her first entry into the world of mixed martial arts was as a strength and conditioning trainer to fellow Arizona resident Don Frye, present as part of his corner during Ultimate Fighting Championship 8, 9 and 10. In 1999, she set up The Danger Zone, a mixed martial arts promotion, with UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn. Severn would also train Levi for contests like the Toughwoman World Championships, and said of her in a 1999 interview "She hits harder than most men."[6]

Her last fight was a loss by flying armbar against Marloes Coenen at ReMix World Cup 2000, on 5 December 2000. She is currently match maker for The Danger Zone.


  • USWF Superfight Champion
  • L1 Superfight Champion
  • IFC Super Heavyweight Champion
  • Tough Woman World Champion Runner-up.


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