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This is a list of all of the various Tags that members of the online community have. These tags can be representative of status as a Staff Member or Moderator, a Paying Contributor, some form of Expert Status, or simply for humor. Click each tag to get a list of the members with that tag (Work In Progress!).

Bullshido Staff Members

Members with positions of authority on the various Bullshido sites.

Paying Contributors

Tags for members that support Bullshido through financial contribution.

Expert Tags

Tags for members that meet specific criteria of knowledge.

Posting And Participation Tags

These tags are awarded for specific criteria involved with participation in the community.

Novelty Tags

These tags are handed out at Staff discretion. They are meant to be humorous and have no individual criteria for earning except for the whim of the forums staff. It should be noted that most of these are meant for 1 specific member.

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