Cy Q. Faunce:Sandbox

From The Martial Arts Encyclopedia

Since the first tribes went to war, there 'as been esprit de corps
Among fighting men that's more than merely tribal;
The Greeks that breached the gates of Troy of old were truly mates,
And there's Jonathan and David in the Bible.

It's tradition in the ranks to protect each other's flanks
The way the Roman legions done it by the Tiber,
But you've never known the charms of the fellowship of arms
Until you've 'ad it up the bloomin' Khyber!

Up the Khyber!
Up the Khyber!
It's a man's world up the Khyber!
They'll find out if you can take it
Up the Khyber!

Cy Q. Faunce, with apologies to Kipling