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Article by Samuel Browning.

Daniel Corvino:

Master Toddy's Favorite

Sex Offender/Instructor


In early August of 2009, Samuel Browning received a disturbing tip that Bullshido member DansMuayThaiMMA was actually a convicted sex offender from New Jersey named Daniel Corvino, aka Dan Corvino. In a case like this, an investigation focuses on confirming that DansMuayThaiMMA was actually named Daniel Corvino, and that this individual was the same offender memorably profiled on BadBadTeacher.com.

The Facts

According to an article in the Times of Trenton on September 22, 2009, Daniel Corvino was arrested on February 14, 2008 for sending "pictures of himself touching his genital area to a 14-year-old Robbinsville girl via the internet using a webcam on his home computer. At the time, Corvino was a technology teacher at the Pond Road Middle School in Robbinsville, New Jersey. He was turned in by students at the high school after they had undergone a lesson concerning the dangers of Facebook and MySpace. "Although Corvino was charged in connection with one victim, Superior Court Judge Darelene Pereksta said there were two other victims as well." Daniel was given a suspended four-year* sentence, lifetime parole supervision, registration as a sex offender under Megan's Law, restriction from all social networking sites, and was forced to surrender his teaching license.

A later review of the Superior Court of New Jersey, County of Mercer records revealed that Dan had been charged with five counts, of which two were official misconduct and aggravated sexual conduct with a minor; the other three counts were Endangering the Welfare of a Child. As part of his plea bargain Dan pled to the third count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child in the Second Degree (2C:24-4) which involved his conduct towards "J.B" between November 1, and January 31, 2008:

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"J.B." and "K.H." and "A.H." (who were victimized in November and December of 2007) were all students of Dan's, or students at the school he taught at. They were also all under the age of 16:

Corvino joc indictment Page 6.jpg

Corvino joc indictment Page 8.jpg

When Corvino pled guilty, one of the conditions of his lifetime parole supervision was that he not have contact with ANY of the three victims:

Corvino plea Page 03.jpg

Plea bargaining aside, in November and December of 2007, it appears that Dan was using the internet to behave sexually towards three students at his high school who were all under the age of sixteen.

This was not the first time that Dan's interest in underage women has been made public. During the investigation, Bullshido member nohero discovered the previously published book A Brief History of Rhyme and Bass: Growing Up With Hip-Hop. Page 88 mentions Corvino molesting a 14-year-old girl in 1996 (he would have been 20 at the time) and page 135 shows a picture of Corvino with two obviously young girls with the caption 'Dan keeping it gangsta with two underage girls--2001.'

Of significant note is the fact that Corvino authored the foreword of the book. If Livernoche's statement about Corvino's actions with a 14-year-old girl had been inaccurate, Corvino (as a foreword writer) would have presumably read this statement before its publication, and would have been in a position to ask for it to be corrected.

The Investigation

Dan made life easier for investigators by also registering at Bullshido.net as DansMuayThaiMMA. When Samuel Browning looked at Dan's registration page (available to administrators) he found that Dan had linked his profile to his website. Dan has also used the email address [email protected] and claimed his birthdate was September 12, 1976. He used an an IP address of, which appeared to trace to Hamilton, New Jersey. This information was later crucial in confirming that we were dealing with the same Dan Corvino. It was crucial to make sure that this was not a case with two individuals who simply shared the same name by chance.

On a webpage hosted on Dan's website, an unknown individual who refers to himself as "Dan" or "Danielson" announces that he is an official certified Muay Thai trainer under Master Toddy, and teaches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. On another page on the site, he says that he lives in New Jersey.

A search of other internet sources turned up an article by a "Daniel Corvino", who also identifies himself as DansMuayThaiMMA. In this article, Corvino reviews a Muay Thai Fight Camp and refers readers to his website.

Bullshido member nohero discovered Corvino's Zimbio page. Zimbio member FlavesEnt lists his name as "Daniel Corvino", says he lives in Hamilton, New Jersey, and was born on September 12, 1976. This profile also provides his homepage of, yes, . . . http://dansmuaythaimma.com.

This was good confirmation of the Muay Thai teacher's birthdate, but to avoid possible identification mistakes, in late August, 2009, nohero drove up to the Mercer County Courthouse where he obtained publicly available documents that indicated that Daniel Corvino, sex offender, also lived in Hamilton, New Jersey and also had a birthdate of September 12, 1976.

Contacting Corvino and Master Toddy

Armed with this information, Samuel Browning wrote Dan, asking him about his previous conviction. He received the following response on August 29, 2009.


I have recently read your post on this forum. I am trying to move forward and lead a productive life, and attempts to publicly embarrass and discredit me make it difficult to continue to be a contributing member of society. I currently teach privately to adults only in my local area with the intention of not doing anyone any harm. I am not going to attempt to argue or debate with you regarding your post. I simply want to live my life as a normal citizen without have to worry about being harassed. I hope you can accept and respect that.

Thank you.


So Samuel Browning wrote Master Toddy the following e-mail in late August:

Dear Master Toddy:

Above is a link to a discussion on a website concerning Daniel Corvino who is one of your instructors. Mr Corvino is presently living in Hamilton New Jersey. He has been convicted of reckless endangerment of a child and is being sentenced in late September.

His actions are also reported on this website:


After you look into this matter will you please tell me and other Bullshido.net readers whether you will continue to be affiliated with Mr. Corvino and if so why?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Samuel Browning

Samuel Browning then received the following response from [email protected], which indicates that Master Toddy and his staff were initially denying the seriousness of this situation:

We were currently unaware of his situation. As a individual that attended our course he was very polite and courteous. We are very displeased with the information that you have recently given to us but also reading your post that he wishes to move forward in life and has claimed to his mistakes. Can we really hold fault to that? We believe everyone is not perfect and everyone makes mistakes in life it is how we learn from those mistakes which make us better people. According to the reports we do not know the full extent of what happened and we cannot judge too quickly. We do not condone this type of conduct but if he wishes to move forward with his life and leave the past in the past all we can really do is respect his requests.

Samuel Browning then wrote back on August 31, 2009:

Dear Master Toddy:

I will respectfully disagree that all you can do is respect Mr. Corvino's wishes. He is charged with reckless endangerment to a minor because of his sexual conduct towards someone under the age of consent. As long as you allow him to represent that he is certified to teach Muay Thai with your approval you bear some responsibility if he misbehaves towards a female student in the future. Please discuss this matter with an American lawyer of your choice concerning your possible liability if such an event was to take place. If I obtain his arrest warrant I will send it to you.


Samuel Browning

Master Toddy's staff last replied on August 31, 2009:

Thank you. We will have to discuss this with our lawyers. Please make note as we have stated we do not condone this type of conduct. Please be rest assured the appropriate measures are being put in place. Thank you again for notifying us.

The Present

As of January 1, 2010, Daniel Corvino is still advertising that he is certified by Master Toddy. David, the manager of Master Toddy's school in Las Vegas, said on January 13, 2010 that Corvino was not current with his franchise payments and had indicated that he was not teaching as of either three or six months ago. When Samuel Browning asked David more questions about Corvino, David said that this individual had indicated he was taking care of a family member and would not be teaching at a school, though he would be teaching private lessons. David also said Corvino was not presently an affiliate of Master Toddy's school because he was not making affiliate payments. When asked if Dan would be allowed to run an affiliate if he made his payments, (given his sexual conviction) David said he could not answer that question; it would have to be answered by Master Toddy.


Bullshido thanks nohero for his considerable effort in advancing this investigation.

* - The Times of Trenton says that Dan was sentenced to a six-year suspended sentence. The court paperwork indicates it was a four-year suspended sentence.