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Rudy Abel

Background and Credentials

As per his profile at his site Rudy's experience is as follows.

25 years Sung family LongFist Emperor's Monkey Style(subset of longfist) Northern Shaolin Yang Tai Chi Chuan/ Chi Gung smatterings of other styles

He has also participated in san shou, kickboxing and boxing. Over the years he has been a member of the FBBA(Florida Black belt assoc.) NASKA, PKA amateur rank, ISKA and other tournament sanctioning bodies.

notable tournament wins include

The John Pachivas national 91-92

the sunshine state classic 94

the Lee Kune Hung international 94-96

In 2002, shortly after the opening of the McDojo.com forums, Rudy was invited by Phrost to participate in the site and offer a balanced view of so-called Traditional Martial Arts. He typically took up the defense of those arts, especially Kung Fu or Chinese Martial Arts...(read more)