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Fighting in the Martial Arts sense of the term, is the violent conflict between two or more people. There are many forms of fighting or combat, including unarmed, armed, and ranged, and sport. Fighting has been a part of humanity since its earliest days whether through an inability of individuals or groups to resolve differences, or as a means of force to achieve a goal.

Fighting in the Martial Arts

The primary purpose of the Martial Arts is fighting. The arts themselves were developed to serve a systems to teach fighting skills to armies for use in war, or to civilians for use in self defense or sport.

Ranges or Types of Fighting


Unarmed fighting involves using various parts of the body itself as weapons to inflict primarily blunt trauma to an opponent. The ranges of unarmed fighting fighting include:


Armed fighting in this sense refers to the use of weapons for the purpose of killing, wounding, or incapacitating/restraining the opponent. Various weapons for armed combat include:


Ranged fighting is a subset of Armed combat that relies on weapons using some sort of force to propel a projectile at the target or opponent. These weapons can include: