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Dear Mr Humm,

I will answer this letter but I will not get involved in the hobbyist mind set of forum posting and as far as this letter and the one before it has stated, my concerns and comments Mr Severe are clear.

If you have questions about his training with me I will have no problem with taking the time to answer these questions. Lets keep this professional and not frivolous in context. So Mr Humm, From this point on please be so kind as to not ask me any more frivolous questions about Mr Severe.

You appear to be making accusations about Mr. Severe that are unfounded and not factual. Have you ever met Mr. Severe? From my experience, he is a very gracious and benevolent man. Where does your personal knowledge base of Mr. Severe’s character come from other than this forum?

Mr Humm, I understand this is some type of “forum” hobby for you by reading the amount of post you have time to read and write. As I said in my letter, I read the forum post its all in the post you and the others posted on that forum and I’m very busy and will not go and pull out more of these post for your edification.

As I asked you in the letter, how long have you known Mr Severe?

In hours, days, weeks, months and years?

I assume as you stated, none.

Your opinion is nothing more than an investigation hobbyist that enjoys harassing others on a forum. The close experience you have with Mr Severe is unfounded and not factual and this I believe you are making claim to have some personal knowledge of this man. Now again I ask you Mr Humm, do you have some personal knowledge of Mr Severe?

So you find Mr Severe’s behavior is the same as it is on other forums? So there you have your investigation on Mr Severe. He seems to be following the same pattern don’t you agree? As I stated before Mr Humm, “So his conduct on the forum is just about what I would expect from this type of forum and the back and forth chatter of egos rattling the cage from the youths and want to be out there in this world. So, no it is not abnormal to see such behavior on these types of forums”.

Mr Humm, if you wish as I did with you please copy the post where Mr Severe has lised any information, formality, belittling anyone or their physical appearance, as you asked here “Please be kind enough to be specific and I will be happy to address them directly”. Same goes for me too, Mr Humm.

Mr Humm, Mr Severe doesn’t have to clarify his abilities and or qualifications to you.

I cannot find any lies or claims of Mr. Severe making to a black belt of any kind in any system on this forum and I don’t believe that he not being registered with an organization means he is lying or has fake ranking papers.

In my opinion I don’t feel anyone has to prove their ranking to anyone else if they are not teaching that system that the person is advertising they are teaching them. Mr. Severe does not teach judo and has not taught judo sense I have known him.

Mr Humm, Just to be clear, I have never heard about this renowned Judo expert Mr Tripp in the martial arts community. To complete clear here with you on the subject of Judo Mr Humm is I’m not interested in Judo or Mr Tripp.

Mr Severe doesn’t have to clarify his abilities and or qualifications to Mr Tripp. I believe Mr Severe has stated openly and publicly his doors are open and Mr Tripp can visit him and clear this up with Mr Severe if he should choose to do so, correct?

I do not have a concern about Mr Severe’s Judo experience or his black belts or his reason for not being bullied into displaying them publicly for Mr Tripp.

What does Mr Severe’s martial arts past have to do with you or Mr Tripp?

Mr Humm, Your point is well taken but also take this into consideration, the National Governing Bodies for Judo in the US are not the only people world wide teaching judo and any mom or pop can teach judo as well as pass individuals ranking in their personal system. So your point is moot. From Mr Severe’s application and back ground check I know Mr Severe took Judo at a YMCA in Memphis Tenn during his teens and stopped training Judo by the age of 16.

As far as Mr Severe’s military based knowledge goes I’m not concerned where Mr Severe draws his knowledge base from as long as it is effective for me as a friend and student. I feel I can speak for everyone who has trained under him they would say the same thing, it if works then it doesn’t matter where it came from.

So in my opinion if Mr Severe read a comic book and got military knowledge out of it and then was able to apply it physically, mentally and spiritually to my own survivability then that is what counts in the real world when you need it.

I also noticed you encouraged this judo testing by Mark Tripp. The judo instructor Mark Tripp made a type of challenge to Mr. Severe. Mr. Severe declined due to Mr Severe was not interested in judo sport sparring and I don’t see how this makes him a coward. To be perfectly honest with you I don’t feel it was a good idea either. Why wouldn’t have that been a good idea ?

Mr Humm, I don’t see any meaning behind Mr Tripp and Mr Severe doing Judo together as being productive. Do you find this type of sporting event would be productive between Mr Severe and Mr Tripp?

How do you feel it would be productive for Mr Tripp and Mr Severe do meet and do sport Judo together?

Let’s be quite clear, Mr. Severe may consider the offer of Mr. Tripp’s to be a “challenge” but it was nothing more than an offer of shiai or a randori practice – neither of which is anything more than a bit of competitive rolling to assess skill level. The FACT that Mr. Severe became ultra defensive making statements about personal harm and law suits was exactly the sort of retort expected from someone who couldn’t meet that standard of skill. This surprised me actually considering it is a matter of public knowledge that Mr. Severe has taken part in “challenges” before, I have seen one such video so I was somewhat bemused why Mr. Severe wouldn’t have been prepared to Meet Mr. Tripp.

Mr Humm, let’s be clear, quite clear ok, Mr Severe doesn’t do Judo. Why would Mr Severe be interested in doing a sporting event in Judo?

How would in your opinion doing sport Judo between Mr Severe and Mr Tripp be assessing skill levels when Mr Severe is not interested in Judo?

I did not find any FACT to your FACT that Mr Severe became anything other than refusing to go and do sporting Judo with Mr Tripp. What I did read was Mr Severe politely saying he wasn’t interested in doing Judo sporting with anyone and the people on the forum were (as yourself) trying to bully Mr Severe into doing so. Correct?

I believe this is the true FACT Mr Humm.

I did not find any where that Mr Severe used the words ‘law suit’ in his replies on the forum.

Mr Humm, it is true Mr Severe has taken part in public challenges before. I have not heard or seen any footage of him doing any type of sporting events such as Judo either.

I also read on the forum Mr Severe also said his doors were open. In my opinion this does allow someone like Mr Tripp to visit him and ask him face to face about Judo.


Did Mr Tripp, a recognized Judo 6th dan and instructor, National Governing Bodies for Judo in the US, take him up on his offer to meet him face to face and tell him what he though of his Judo?

Like I said Mr Humm, I don’t feel that’s a very good idea.

As for Mr. Severe training military personnel I don’t see the issue of Mr. Severe service in the US Marines for however long he served and this has nothing to do with his skill level in combative survival skills that Mr. Severe can help military personnel train or become more proficient.

Mr Humm, yes, you are correct, it my educated opinion and I still stand by this opinion.

Mr Humm, Mr Severe has not stated on the forum that he has military experience. Mr Severe has not stated he teaches from military experience on the forum or on his web site as far as I can remember. I have read on the forum many post that others have stated this about Mr Severe including yourself, but not Mr Severe. Correct?

Mr Severe doesn’t work for the US Government as a contractor and he is not a military employed or employed by the US Government.

Your point is moot.

Why is it moot?

Let me explain why your point is moot Mr Humm, This doesn’t mean he is not able to mentally or physically, and is not qualified, does not have the knowledge base to train members of the military. From what I know and understand of the military most training specialist the military use for training instruction is pulled from civilian contractors. I believe from my educated experience this is true both in the military and law enforcement communities. Correct?

Mr Humm, I have not been part of or have ever seen or heard of Mr Severe teaching military material as you would find in the US Military. Mr Severe does teach survival skills based off of military concepts, methods and skills related to civilian-military type survival. I have never seen any of the people I have been involved with in Mr Severe’s program wearing any type of military insignia that would say, “Mr Severe’s Military Unit” or such or any thing like that.

Have you?

And if so by all means please point this out to me.

Mr Humm, I believe if I’m not mistaken Mr Severe is not concerned with your current environment in survival but his own here in America where urban or woodland type survival skills are extremely important to many Americans. But you are not an American Mr Humm so you wouldn’t know this correct? I agree with you Mr Humm, it would be unwise to comment on that actual physical quality of the instruction or real world military skills by Mr Severe because you have not been present or privileged to any of his training urban or woodland type survival training have you? What you have seen is only what Mr Severe allows you to see for public viewing, correct? So your point is moot again.

As far as I know military personnel are not trained in detailed combative information unless they are part of a special group.

Mr Humm, combative information is simple, you force me to defend my self and I do so without discrimination.

I enjoyed your edification on your military personnel opinion where or not they should or shouldn’t get detailed training on the fixed bayonet. I disagree completely with your opinion. Any person dealing with survival should seek out as much detailed training as they can in as many different areas of survival as they can to increase their survivability.

Mr Humm, if someone comes into my house uninvited, my wife and kids are standing there next to me and I have a broom, shotgun, rifle or etc in my hands I cannot see how learning fixed bayonet would not increase my survival and the survival of my family. I find your opinion inadequate in context and just about as moot as an opinion can be on the subject. I know Mr Severe pretty good as you well know by now Mr Humm and I don’t know where you get the idea Mr Severe has stated or said or suggested that the British combat infantry solider should get additional training such as H2H.

Can you point out to me where he states this either on the forum or his web site?

One last thing I would like to point out to you. Most of us in today’s social make up dream of doing the very things Mr Severe has been doing. Mr Severe has just about done nothing more in his life other than train for stress, conflicts and survival. When I say his life I mean for his whole Youth, Teen and Adult life.

Mr Humm, exactly. What a wonderful life it could be to live out your dreams and desires and play your complete youth, teen and adult life doing what you enjoy doing every day.

I’m sure Mr Humm being a subject growing up in the UK that is if you grew up in the UK, it must have been hard to have weaponry, firearms and the freedom to train as we do here in the US. I cannot imagine living in a country that has such control over the very people who employ the government like England or Great Britain. I could understand why maybe you dislike Americans and their freedom to carry weaponry and have the rights to use them in a self defensive conflict. Maybe this is your deep hidden feelings towards us Americans and maybe Mr Severe and his many years of dedication.

He has lived a dream of his doing what he enjoys when most of us go from day to day in the normal daily routine working for the man. A normal doctor goes to school to get his degree in 10 years. I have never heard of anyone obtaining a medical degree in under 10 years Dave but taken that into consideration Mr Severe has been doing what he does for over 40 plus years.

I understand it can be difficult to read into such things as what I wrote, I’m sorry you missed the point Mr Humm. My point is this if I may; he has done what a doctor has done 4 times over as far as the martial arts are concerned. I’m not talking about wearing a uniform, marching, getting a pay check and going to strange places to serve your Government’s will.

As far as I know of Mr Severe he doesn’t make claims and keeps a pretty low key about what he does and doesn’t do in terms of teaching and training in the martial arts unless asked. But you wouldn’t know this about him Mr Humm because you have never met him have you? Mr Severe does have an educated opinion that far exceeds those like yourself and on the forum who are talking trash about him regardless of the mind games or not.

I believe from what you have stated as your brief experience and skills with the military you can respect and identify with the value of Mr. Severe’s dedication. Again Mr. Gutierrez, are you intentionally patronising me with this statement? I’ve already publically stated I do not see the value of what Mr. Severe teaches – his dedication isn’t an issue. But I’ll make the point again: Has Mr. Severe any real world military operational experience?

Mr Humm, you are really placing a lot of emphasis on your military experience where as this is not in question now is it?

What is the real question here is do you know Mr Severe personally?

Mr Humm, you did state this “I have reviewed pretty much all of the video footage Mr. Severe has released concerning his Military material and whilst I will not comment on that actual physical quality of the instruction - which I feel would be unfair because I have not trained with Mr. Severe”? But now you are stating this, “I do not see the value of what Mr. Severe teaches”.

Mr Humm, I’ll make the point again: Mr Severe has been involved in many seminars, teachers, students, personal relationships, encounters, conflicts, matches, sparring, teaching, training, etc. where as you cannot make any assumes of this because you do not know him. Correct? Yes or No, Mr Humm?

I would say from the information you have as well as the information I have Mr Severe has not worked for the US Government in any types of real world operational experience. Your point knowing this would be what Mr Humm?

The only point I get out of this is I know Mr Severe is not working for the US Government in any real world operations, correct?

It really doesn’t say anything about his quality or character now does it?

You do not know Mr Severe do you?

Yes or No, Mr Humm?

Has Mr. Humm any real world training experience with Mr Severe?

Mr. Severe enjoys psychology, strategy, tactics and techniques of warfare and survival and in my opinion he is using this type of forum to study human behavior and to just blow off steam.

Mr Humm, Mr severe, in my opinion, is highly skilled in the study and application of strategy. This is stated on his two master license passed on to him by his teacher. The “techniques of warfare” are as real as your “techniques of warfare”. But I have to back track and ask you Mr Humm what experience do you have with the license that Mr Severe has been given by his teachers?

If none then you have no idea what Mr Severe knows regarding war strategy now do you?

It is just you are working for your Government now in those fields of military study. Correct?

This is a simple and to the point statement I would like to make to you Mr Humm, You cannot debate his license given to him by his teacher can you?

It doesn’t appear as if you have any knowledge of those “techniques” Mr Severe is licensed with do you Mr Humm?

Your experience with Mr Severe and his Judo training or Judo ranking is about the same right? You don’t know what he has or has not done or what he knows or doesn’t know right Mr Humm?

I know him personally and I can tell you this, I don’t know much about Mr Severe other than what I have experienced with him and what I have been told by his very close friends Mr Humm. So how could you know much of any thing about Mr Severe?

Has Mr. Humm any real world training experience with Mr Severe?

Mr Humm, you did state this correct? “I have reviewed pretty much all of the video footage Mr. Severe has released concerning his Military material and whilst I will not comment on that actual physical quality of the instruction - which I feel would be unfair because I have not trained with Mr. Severe”

Mr Humm, my wife was in the military for four years meaning she operated within the Armed Forces and never picked up a weapon so your point is moot again. You are just banging your sword on your shield from afar.

Now Mr Humm we both know that when you join the military and go through the basic training in the military that it differs greatly from one branch to the other. Being in the NAVY doesn’t mean you had the same training as the ARMY now does it Mr Humm?

This idea of yours that many of or all the military personnel is some type of killing machine or well trained in combative skills is extremely way off track.

I know many people who served in the military and have been in combat and don’t even know how to read a map or use a compass.

Being in the military doesn’t give you the guarantee or ability to use skills of war or skills of self-protection or skills of self-preservation Mr Humm.

Your point is moot.

Let me point out something that does give Mr Severe the guarantee and the skills of survival, war, self-protection skills and self-preservation, his 40+ years of dictation in the areas of military and war history, strategy, self-protection and self-preservation training.

Mr Humm, this statement has to be the most off the wall full of ego statement you have made to this point, “Mr. Severe does not possess any discernable military skills appropriate to current military professionals”.

I assume you speak for his entire student base in the military that have trained with him and will train with him from this day on Mr Humm that Mr Severe is not skilled or knowledgeable in areas of survival and fighting?

Well I can tell you this, I have seen him up close and personal and you are completely wrong about him and I am assured you will get the same response from others who know him too.

If Mr. Severe wants to refute that point I’d be happy to see the evidence and, as you’ll have no doubt read in the threads in question I have openly, on more than one occasion offered to extend a public apology to him if he were to provide the information I requested, thus far he has not and I have no reason to suspect he will in the future.

I will not be passing on any message to Mr Severe. But Mr Humm, if you wish to contact Mr Severe and ask him if he wishes to refute any points you are more than welcome to do so. But correct me if I am wrong Mr Humm, on the forum I read that Mr Severe doesn’t wish to debate or talk about anything other than the three original question he agreed to answer.

From knowing Mr Severe, which I do and you do not Mr Humm, I’m sure he will laugh at your statement regarding his knowledge and skill and go about his day with a smile and a joke as he normally does.

Mr Humm, I do see on the forum where you state you will retract your statements about him, ere's a challenge for you Ralph. produce one verifiable, independent testimony from either a serving LEO/Military/Government client who can verify the worth of your skills/knowledge and I'll publicly retract everything negative I've said thus far”.

I am an employee of the government and I have stated his involvement, skills, knowledge as well as his license Mr Humm. Will you keep your word?

Mr Humm, you have your opinion and that is your right and maybe someone will take fancy to your opinion and find it laughable too.

As I have stated earlier too Mr Humm, this is nothing more than a forum and a way for many people to enjoy their past time and play act like someone they are not. If you take it serious that is your concern and what this forum brings you in return is your invitation to what you have here Mr Humm. Mr Severe seems, from my understanding of what I have read on the forum, to find him nothing more than passing the time and entertainment.

Mr Humm, your conduct on the forum is extremely immature and down right nasty towards Mr Severe where as Mr Severe has never said anything to you that was vulgar or hateful and totally nothing about your technique or physical appearance. I assume this is because you hide behind your computer and are not in the public eye as with Mr Severe correct?

So how can he say anything about you or your technique or skills Mr Humm?

He has put himself out in the public eye and has gained their attention by doing so. You and I would assume the other forum readers have not done so. Am I right in saying you hide behind your computer passing judgment on others without being fair to have them pass judgment on you Mr Humm?

I find this pretty low handed of you Mr Humm.

I have never doubted or said that Mr Severe has never been banned from a public web site or a forum Mr Humm. I’m not sure what your intentions are by bringing this up to me is but I find this to be very juvenile to do so. It is a forum Mr Humm, a public “bath house” and nothing more and I don’t find it important or even remotely interesting to me or to my family.

Like I stated before, What concerns me are the amount of rude and nasty post I pulled off the forum you make towards him, as such here below. These go way beyond profanity Mr Humm and I find them down right hateful and demeaning to any body regardless if it was Mr Severe or not.

Why did you conduct yourself in such an immature manner?

As for blowing off steam, yes we all do that from time to time, myself included.

Maybe Mr Humm it is your conduct that is in question and not Mr Severe’s.

If I were a person reading this forum for the fun of it I would surely come to that conclusion about your post towards Mr Severe.

Well Mr Humm, I would say if you feel your investigations are directed towards me then by all means get them under way.

I disagree totally with your opinion Mr Humm, I don’t see where your forum investigation are nothing more than people hiding behind the computer banging their chest and acting out some childish fantasy to be someone or someplace their not. I didn’t find any thing beyond juvenile hateful intentions on that forum.

Again Mr Humm, let me remind you because in the mist of all this going back and forth about Mr Severe you have not taken into account that Mr Severe has said a few times already on the forum, he doesn’t care and it’s all fun and games to him.

Have you taken that into consideration or do you even understand what he means by stating that it is fun and games?

Again Mr Humm, let me remind you because in the mist of all this going back and forth about Mr Severe you have not taken into account that Mr Severe has said a few times already on the forum, Mr Severe has said he will answer the three questions he started out with and that he wouldn’t communicate with rude or disrespectful people.

I find you extremely rude, disrespectful and nasty. So I can see why he didn’t find you mature, tasteful or even take you seriously Mr Humm.

Mr Humm, As I stated I’m not getting involved with a forum and especially a juvenile forum such as bullshido. It is really not worth my time and effort to be involved with any forums. As I stated before Mr Humm I do invite you to ask questions about Mr Severe’s training with me or my training with Mr Severe.

I’ve already answered your question about what I have read on the forum. I did not find any post by Mr Severe where he was out of line other than being silly and childish. I’m sure him posting photos of himself wearing shorts and making fun at Mr Tripp was in jest and par-for-the-course from what I noticed.

Mr Humm, lets be honest with each other for a change. You seem extremely jealous of what Mr Severe has done or does. I understand your feelings from what you have written me and I can see where you can build up a lot of antipathy towards Mr Severe for being extremely talented and knowledgeable in the field of combative subjects. I have trained with over 250+ instructors to this day and by far Mr Severe is the very best at what he does as far as combatives, living conditional skills and training methods for self preservation is concerned.

The discipline action you mentioned in reference to my employment with the New Mexico State Police is the type of silly, petty thing we should all avoid. That tells you absolutely nothing about me. I was one of the best NMSP Patrol Officers for almost five years. I have continually been a police officer for over eight years. I have been a police officer for almost four years since the “discipline action”. I have been a certified police officer for the state of New Mexico for over eight years. But, this has nothing to do with that…unless you are just curious what I do for a living. I worked eight hours yesterday as a police officer and then had a private training class afterwards for over three hours. I know Mr Severe gave a private instruction class yesterday in his area. What I train in may be as good as what you train in, but I don’t see how any of that kind of thinking can be productive. The point is that I am doing something. If I’m not as great as you, so-be-it. Oh well. I am making the most of what I have, and am trying to better my self-preservation skills. I am training what is useful to me in my area and what I think will increase my survivability. I hope you do the same for you.

I feel we are all human beings and all human beings should be mindful of life and death, especially the “warrior”. Death is a part of life. We all die. Whether you have lost family to natural causes, pre-mature causes, friends in battle, the line of duty, or have any other first-hand experience with death then we should be compassionate and understanding of one another. I feel we should all try to learn something positive from each other. If we cannot be a positive influence to another, then we should move on down the road.

I am not shutting you down, Mr Humm. If you feel you absolutely need to respond to something I have said, I won’t complain. I will understand. However, I have said all and more than I even care to on this matter. Mr Severe should be asked directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding his behavior. I hope you and Mr Severe can work this out or move on down the road peacefully.

I hope we can bring this silly forum thing to an end.

I, sincerely, wish you the best.

Kevin L. Gutierrez

Please note that the original transcript contained all of my previous emails embedded into the reply which made reading and discerning the response difficult. For clarity my content of previous email has been removed and the text left "as is"

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