Gong Kwon Yu Sul

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Gong Kwon Yu Sul

Gong Kwon Yu Sul (空拳柔術 / 공권유술, lit. "empty fist gentle skill" )


Unlike some KMA, GKYS has no exaggerated history. The founder, a gentleman in his late 30s by the name of Kang Jun, admits he created it in 1996. Mr. Kang was concerned by what he saw in the more traditional KMA, particularly their poor showing in inter-MA competition (MMA).


Structurally, GKYS is essentially a Korean take on Mixed Martial Arts; students of GKYS train in striking, clinching, take downs, and ground fighting (submissions + striking). To those in the know, GKYS will appear to be something of a combination between kyokushin and judo.

Training and inter-school competition is done in a gi. GKYS appears to have two main forms of sparring; bare knuckle, GKYS allows for stand up striking without punches to the head (like kyokushin however kicks to the head are permitted) and grappling without ground striking; with gloves and head gear, GKYS allows for punches to the head and ground striking.


GKYS has yet to expand beyond Korea.


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