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Way of the Japanese Sword.

I had intended to write an article about Iai, its development and modern day training however, having read the article presented by the British Kendo Association, I thought this was perfect for use. I therefore draw your attention to the following article: The arts of the sword as we know them today ...

  • Not all Koryu Iai schools/dojo/organisations advocate the study of Seitei although some use the kata for two reasons;

1 - As a precursor before undertaking Koryu keiko.

2 - As a means of obtaining Dan ranking which is far more universally understood than koryu menkyo licensing. Study of Seitei offers a standard set of kata set by a Governing Body - the ZNKR.

Seitei is a Gendai (現代) (meaning modern) form of Iaido and although the origins stem from koryu schools such as Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, the combative element is replaced with the emphasis of technical perfection. Although outwardly looking very similar to several waza (technique) found in koryu-ha, there are many differences which have occurred through the standardisation process of bringing several kata together from several older ryu-ha. Seitei is never studied with shinken (真剣)

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