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Article by Dale Dugas.

Many of you, faithful readers, know of our fellow Bullshido member Shenlungyi, whose real name is Ian Prescott. He lists his martial arts school as being at 153 South Main Ave Scranton, Pa 18504 (570)961-3254. He first appeared under this screen name at Bullshido.com on 10/25/2005 under the Halloween Ninja Scare thread. He first was mentioned in the White Tiger/Bak Fu Pai threads in early 2005. This article is not going to touch on his connections to the Jim Lacy of 18 Taoist Palms but on his skills and other associations with known frauds.

Prescott has been linked with Jim Lacy of 18 Taoist Palms ,as well as being a card carrying member of Ashida Kims (Radford William Davis’ Supreme Ninja Master alter ego) Ninja posse. He has advertised on Ashida’s site as follows:

Shen Lung Yi Martial Arts(570)961-3254 Owner/Chief Instructor: Ian Prescott Scranton, Pa Xing yi quan, Ba gua, Tai chi, Liu He Ba Fa, Koga Ninjitsu, Esoteric Qi gong, Private Security/Bodyguard experience and consultation, self defense, fitness, and weapons. [email protected]

He lists himself as the owner and Chief Instructor. No others are listed; that’s why he is the sole focus of this article.

Plus, Prescott sent the author of this article an email the other day threatening to sue me and my accomplices.

Here is what Prescott emailed to me:

Dr. Mr Dugas,

I would like to inform you that all of your entires and those of your accomplices on the Bullshido. Net website have been turned over to my Lawyer. I would also like to inform you that all of your past correspondances with me have been turned over as well.

At this point you are facing a possible lawsuit for Slander, Libel, as well as Defamation of Character. If you continue in this direction, I will have NO choice but to push forth with an official lawsuit against you and your accomplices at Bullshido.net.

Have a nice day,

Ian Prescott

I reprinted his email verbatim as it was sent to me.

It was this background in mind, and seeing Prescott post here on Bullshido, that prompted me to go investigate his new and improved website. He has created a rather impressive looking list of styles which he claims to teach. Absent are the two arts which he claims the longest training time, Hsing Yi Chuan/Xing Yi Quan, and Wing Chun/Yong Chun Kung Fu. (See note about his stating his credentials from the taichichen website guestbook.)

This was the same man who in 2004 was criticized On the Kung Fu Online Martial Arts Forum for his performance of certain techniques that were posted for all to see on his old website, which is now offline. He originally had a website called mew-hing.com (see attached google of old website) which was allied with Jim Lacy, who was extensively covered by other Bullshido members. Prescott subsequently changed the name of the website to Silver Star, and dropped all reference to Mew Hing and or Jim Lacy. (See attached posting of his old website info.)

My first visual introduction to Prescott was through the critique on Kung Fu Online Martial Arts Forum’s Internal Kung Fu section. The thread was entitled, “Fake Hsing Yi/Xing Yi”, and in it, a group of people was critiquing a collection of video clips that were found on Prescott’s website.

The man who started the thread has the username Apostol on Kung Fu Online (KFO). Apostol located some video clips of Prescott performing what he claimed to be the five fists of Hsing Yi/Xing Yi Chuan and calling himself Sifu.

Prescott’s pronunciation of the names of the styles and forms he demonstrated raised questions by several of the established experts I interviewed. Felipe Budo, forum administrator of Empty Flower.com and no stranger to authentic martial arts, commented “Why does he say "Pi KWAN", and San Ti 'SHE’?. That’s the way it's written in the books, but pinyin doesn't sound as it's written.”

Budo noted that pronunciation would normally not be an issue, but when the person depicted on the video clips claims to have been studying this particular art form for over 10 years, one would have expected the person to have learned to pronounce certain key terms correctly.

Prescott’s own descriptions of his levels of experience with different styles have also been markedly inconsistent. For example, I found this on a Taiji website guestbook:

Date : 08-03-05
First Name : Ian
Age : 32
City/Country : Scranton, Pa USA
Comments (40 words max) : This is a great sitefor tai chi. Love the clips and informative information.
My Martial Arts background : 20 years wing chun 6 Years yang tai chi 11 years xing yi quan 3 years ba gua 1 year Liu He ba fa 6 months sun tai chi
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.shenlungyi.com

Another site lists similar info, but he does not list his years of training. Please note in the above ad he is listing his Sun style Tai Chi experience as 6 months. In the post below, which was made three days later, he leaves that fact out.

Learn Tai Chi in: Pennsylvania, United States
Shen Lung Yi Martial Arts

Shen Lung yi martial arts is a complete Internal Arts School. We teach Xing yi, Bagua, Sun Tai chi, Liu he ba fa, as well as I chuan, tai chi ruler, and 8 section brocade. Sun style

contact: shun jung yi tel: 570-961-3254

He also makes no mention of his claimed 20 years of Wing Chun experience at all on his home website. For the record, Prescott is in his 30s.

As to his 11 years of Xing Yi Quan training, three Xing Yi Quan practitioners who watched the Prescott video clips referred to by KFO said they were nonplussed.

My friend and training partner Bill Lewitt stated, “He (Ian) must have learned from videos and books as he has no concept of how to generate true power via whole body power.” Leov, another KFO member commented, “Sorry, not impressed. I wouldn't call it ‘fake Hsing-I,’ just Hsing-I not done well, in my honest opinion. I didn't see much power being generated by the body.”

Budo agreed. “As far as his Xing Yi goes...sorry, I don't see any Xingyi Shenfa (body method) there.”

Buddy Tripp mentioned in the same thread from KFO that “he had PMed Ian and Ian had told him he wanted to learn more about Hsing Yi.”

Prescott claimed the following lineage on KFO, when asked who taught him Hsing Yi:

I learned Xing yi from Shane Kutow who was a student of Peter Kwok. (kwok wong i) he was a student of Giang yung chien from Wang xiang zhai from kuo yun shen supposedly from Li neng ran.

Prescott has also been inconsistent in his statements about various facets of his life, including his claim in a post on the Further Ninja Arguments thread on Bullshido.net that he is a Wicca/Pagan. Asked directly whether he is a Wicca/Pagan, Mr. Prescott denied he is one.

Nevertheless, Prescott has posted the following:

Offered by: Sifu Ian Prescott
Located in: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Skill/Service Details: Merry Meet!

Shen Lung Yi Martial Arts is one of the few pagan martial arts schools out there. I have been a pagan for 14 years now, studying martial arts for 19 years, and teaching for ten.
Come by our studio in Scranton and mention this ad and your first two classes are free!!! For more information please call and check out our website!!!

All the best,

Rates: check website for rates
Website: http://www.shenlungyi.com

Telephone: (570) 961-3254

He is also listed as a fully ordained Pagan/ Wicca minister on the same site as listed above.

Pagan Clergy
Sifu Ian Prescott
Located in: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Clergy Profile: Legally ordained and licensed Minister. Have performed several ceremonies over the past 4 years. We offer handfasting ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, memorial rites, spiritual counseling, as well as rites of "baptism".
Rates: Call for rates
Mailing Address: 153 South Main Ave Scranton, Pa 18504
Telephone: (570) 961-3254

He also seems to have a direct connection with the rather dubious healing art of Reiki, which has been questioned because many people have been awarded the title of Reiki Master after attending a series of weekend workshops and paying a large amount of money. For additional information about Reiki and the weekend workshops, see the Skeptic's Dictionary entry for "reiki":

Reiki is very popular among New Age spiritualists, who are very fond of "attunements," "harmonies," and "balances." Reiki apprentice healers pay up to $10,000 to their masters to become masters themselves. The process involves going through several levels of attunement. Onemust learn which symbols to use, when to call up the universal life force, how to heal an emotional or spiritual illness, and how to heal someone who isn't present.

In an online advertisement, Prescott includes a link to the Reiki website, where he is listed as an RM or Reiki Master:

Ian Prescott, RM
Scranton, PA 18504
E-mail: [email protected]

Prescott also has linked himself to Ashida Kim, about whom many Bullshido.net members have written, even though Ashida is in Florida, and Mr. Prescott lives in Pennsylvania. A great deal of Ashida Kim material has been sold by Prescott on his Ebay store.

Below are listed various links where Prescott has been advertising his schools over the past few years. Originally he has a website under the banner Mew-hing.com which is connected to Jim Lacy. He then abandoned that school name for Silver Star Kung fu. He then later changed that name to his present title of Shenlungyi, Dragon Spirit Intention School, a name which comes from the Tang Shou Dao School of Master Xu Xong Qi of Taiwan made famous by his many students in this nation. Most notably, Prescott has claimed links with Sifu Mike Patterson as well as Sifu Vince Black, Sifu Tim Cartmell and others.

Prescott offers material with the same names as some of the material taught by Sifu Mike Patterson, owner of Hsing-Yi.com, and which Sifu Patterson sells as training material via videotape. Prescott is neither a student nor an authorized instructor under Sifu Patterson, yet uses many of the same terms and offers instruction of similar material. Prescott’s Ebay store history lists a plethora of Sifu Patterson tapes that he has sold with the exact same material he claims to teach at his school.

Here is an ad from the Empty Flower teachers’ directory:

Name Ian Prescott
School Shen Lung Yi Martial Arts
Address 153 South Main Ave, Scranton, Pa 18504
Phone 570-961-3254
E-mail [email protected]
Website www.shenlungyi.com
Style Wing chun, Hebai Xing yi quan, Lung Xing Ba gua zhang, Sun Tai chi, Liu he ba fa. Staff, Spear, Broadsword, Xing yi straight sword, Bagua, straight sword, and Tai chi straight sword. Full contact fighting and realistic street defense.

Prescott declines to use the same material on Sifu Patterson’s website teachers directory:

Ian Prescott
153 S. Main Ave.
Scranton, PA 18504
(570) 961-3254
[email protected]
HeBei Hsing I
Pa Kua Chang
Sun Tai Chi
Liou He Ba Fah

He has another advertisement on the Tai Chi Network:

Contact Name: Ian Prescott
Business Name: Shen Lung Yi Martial Arts
City: Scranton
State: PA
Country: North America-United States
Phone Number: 570-961-3254
Center's Major Interest: Xing Yi

And from his old Silver Star Gung Fu Academy page:

Silver Star Gung Fu Academy
153 South Main Avenue, Scranton, PA 18504
Tel: 570.961.3254
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.silver-star.us
Contact: Sifu Ian Prescott
Prescott's Academy of Wing Chun
1514 Brentwood Dr., Columbia, SC 29206
Tel: (803) 790-4053
Contact: Ian Prescott
Notes: Private lessons available. Trained in both Traditional as well as modified Wing Chun

Now from all of this and Mr. Prescott’s total lack of coming forward to defend himself paints a picture of someone who is trying to hide rather than answer what has been posed to him.

I have called Mr. Prescott out various times on various forums. I believe that this man is not what he claims to be and is misleading the public as to the claims he makes on his various ads all over the internet. I have issued numerous challenges to have him come out of his hiding place and prove that he has the skills that he advertises on numerous websites.

As of this day, I have yet to hear anything from Mr. Prescott other than his email threat of a lawsuit to be brought against me and my fellow martial artists from Bullshido.net, who know a BS artist when we see one. Funny that his email threatening a lawsuit surfaced around the time that Bryce Dallas and his silly lawsuit came to our knowledge. Seems birds of a feather flock together.

I have asked Prescott as well as his new student Alex, who is listed as Wolfe99 on Bullshido.net, and who has begun defending Prescott online, to invite myself and others trained in traditional Chinese Martial Arts to his school to see for ourselves if the man has the skills he claims to have. I have also extended an invitation to Prescott to attend a throwdown to showcase his rather long list of Martial Art skills and styles which he claims to have studied and can teach along with realistic self defense skills.

Prescott has not responded to the request, and he has not chosen to respond to the questions raised in this article, other than to threaten litigation.

I thank you, faithful readers.