Jung Su Won

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Martial Art created by Tae Yun Kim


The roots of Jung SuWon are somewhat cryptic. During study, you will hear that they are rooted in both Tang Soo Do, as well as Tae Kwon Do. While similar, the complete background is never quite clear while training in it.

Her schools have been known as Kyong Ae Academy in Burlington, VT, ATC Academy, in Burlington, and then ATC Inc in Milipitas, CA. No names existed concurrently, only one school has existed at a time.

Here is some more factual information in regards to the roots of the founding of "The Art of Jung SuWon".

  • In 1968 Kim, founder of Jung SuWon and her then husband began training at SuWon AFB in South Korea
  • In 1969 They tested under Park Sung He in SuWon for black belt.
  • On August 24th, 1970 Kim entered the US. Initially in Seattle, WA. She then moved to White River Junction, Vermont.
  • In 1971 she started her first Martial Arts school.
  • In 1973 Park Sung He traveled from his new found home in Florida to Lebanon High School in Vermont and tested Kim and her Husband for second degree black belt.
  • On May 30, 1975 in New Jersey Kim tested in her last "official" testing, under Moo Duk Kwan / Tang Soo Do under Hwang Kee. She tested for her third degree black belt, concurrently with her husband. This is believed to be her last official promotion of rank. The certificate issued was: 014350


The technique tends to coincide with traditional Tang Soo Do forms.