Magic Pants

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A term often used here at Bullshido to describe the Japanese pleated garment known as Hakama. 袴

Hakama were popularised by the horse mounted Samurai of feudal Japan as a garment worn to protect the more delicate fabric used in their daily clothing, hakama is in essence no different to the chaps worn by cowboys however, the Japanese had several types of this garment from a hard wearing form through to very ceremonial formal wear.

Today there are several Japanese martial arts which still retain the wearing of hakama, most of these systems have their roots (however direct or indirect they may be) with Koryu - or "Old School" systems which existed prior to the Meiji Restoration. Examples of such systems are:

The terms MAGIC PANTS or TEH MAGIC PANTS or MAGIC PANTALOONS, often seen highlighted in yellow text and can be used in a derogatory fashion.

Pictures of MAGIC PANTS

This is an example of a contemporary hakama worn for the study of classical bugei

The following image should not be taken seriously.