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Article by Samuel Browning.

Meet Ralph Calvillo, aka Layn Von Erich. Ralph is many things to many people. Registered Sex Offender, convicted felon and forger, an MMA fighter who currently has a 1-2 record. (as of July 2008) and a guy who stole the Von Erich wrestling name for his own purposes. When not attempting to teach martial arts, Ralph is an unlicensed masseur in the Dallas, Texas area using his Layn Von Erich alias. We also occasionally see him on Craig's List trying to meet people for a wide variety of purposes. Ubercreepy meet stranger danger.

Executive Summary

In this profile we will establish the following facts.

  1. Ralph Calvillo uses the alias Layn Von Erich.

  2. The Von Erich name is a famous pro-wrestling name. Ralph will say he has the permission of this family to use this name. He does not have such permission.

  3. Ralph uses this name because he is a registered sex offender and wishes to conceal this damaging information from people and potential clients.

  4. Ralph has been previously convicted of forgery, failure to register as a sex offender (two convictions) and attempted sexual assault. Ralph will tell people that he was railroaded into pleading guilty to the last charge. Evidence from court and police records indicate that there was a strong case against Ralph and he pled knowingly and willingly to the charge of attempted sexual assault.

  5. By concealing his identity Ralph has been able to teach martial arts to the unsuspecting in the Dallas area.

  6. By concealing his identity Ralph has been able to run a massage business even though he is unlicensed to provide this service.

  7. Given his past history Ralph is likely not to properly keep his address registered with the proper law enforcement authorities.

  8. Ralph has a history of fabrications that indicate an extreme untrustworthiness.

  9. Ralph uses Craig's List to try to meet people in the Dallas Area. This way they will only know what he tells them about his past.

Ralph Calvillo and the Layn Von Erich Alias

When Bullshido members first became aware of Ralph it was not under his real name. Rather in late August, 2007, one of our members, known as Variance heard from a neighbor that one Layn Von Erich was teaching Mixed Martial Arts at Chang Lee's Olympic Tae Kwon Do Center in Mesquite and claimed to have a professional MMA fight record. Checks of various mixed martial arts databases did not reveal any pro or amateur fighters under the Layn Von Erich name so Varience wrote the Von Erich wrestling family asking them if "Layn" was related to them, or had permission to use their name. On September 4, 2007 Variance received the following responses.

Joe Nikolas <[email protected]> Tue, Sep 4, 2007 at 7:05 PM To: Me

There is no Layn Von Erich that is a member of the Von Erich family, nor does he have permission to use the Von Erich name.

Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 1:57 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Inquiry about family member: "Layn Von Erich"
Joe Nikolas <[email protected]> Tue, Sep 4, 2007 at 7:14 PM

I just googled Layn and saw the discussion on a message board concerning him. He did contact me asking for permission to use the Von Erich name and I informed him that he needed to contact the WWE legal department. Looks like he ignored me and went ahead and used the name anyway.

In early September, Bullshido member Felipe Espinoza, who posts as Pan Am Silver on our board obtained a copy of the following flier advertising Layn's services at Chang Lee's school.

Ralph Calvillo advertising flyer

Notice on this flier that existing weekly class times are mentioned, along with a different class price for current students of Chang Lee. Layn is also described as an "MMA Champion" and potential students are encouraged to "ask Master Lee about availability". Please remember these points, as Richard Marcinko would say: "you will see this material again".

Comparing notes from the recent Sept 7th 2007 King of Kombat show in Austin, Texas several Bullshido members noticed that no Layn Von Erich had fought at this event, but Variance reported that according to his friend at Chang Lee's Layn was claiming that he had indeed had a match at this event. Bullshido member 1Bad65 remembered that "a guy named Ralph Calvillo fought in match #1. He is listed as hailing from North Dallas, 155lbs, 0-1 record, . . . Though I do not remember this fight per se, if this is him then he got beat bad and quickly as the first 3 fights were all over in under a minute and there were no questionable stoppages all night."

Several Bullshido members were somewhat sore at Ralph for claiming to be a mixed martial arts "champion" when the Sherdog database indicated that he had an amateur record of 0-2 and therefore had not won ANY fights up through September 2007. But this paled in comparison to what Felipe Espinoza discovered next. Running the name Ralph Cavillo through the Texas Sexual Offender Registry he discovered that Ralph was a registered sex offender.


SID 05388398
Sex Male
Race White
Height 508
Weight 154
Shoe Size 8
Eye Color BRO
Hair Color BLK


Birthdates: 07/23/1975
Registrations/Verifications TypeDateAgency
Registration02/16/2007tx236065c TX DEPT CORRECTION
Verification08/03/2007tx0571200 GRAND PRAIRIE PD

Offense: 11990001 Sexual Assault
General OffenseCountsVictim SexVictim AgeDispositionTimeStatus
Attempt to Commit1Female2011/06/20003yDISCHARGED

Ralph uses the Von Erich name because he is a registered sex offender and wishes to conceal this damaging information from people and potential clients.

Felipe Espinoza then e-mailed Ralph through his My Space account and asked him why he was using the Von Erich alias. Ralph responded with the following:

From: Layn
Date:Sep 13, 2007 4:49 PM
Subject: Training

Just read your thread on Texas MMA.... I've been getting grief on using the Von Erich name. I don't use my name due to the conviction that I was prosecuted on. It was a false conviction and I'm having to suffer consequences way after I've served time... My using the Von Erich name was a business move... that and only that.... I am self taught and later traveled to train at different gyms to hoan my skills...If you want to discuss rumors to clear up any facts I'd be happy to do so... I'm trying just like everyone else to get my career started and do not need people interfearing and degrading my past..... That about sums up the truth to all these rumors. I'm just a regular guy who loves to fight and want to further my career...

So Ralph Calvillo admitted he was also Layn Von Erich and claimed that he was falsely convicted. As a result Bullshido members started to look into his criminal history.

Ralph Calvillo's Criminal History, Attempted Sexual Assault, and his Plea Bargain

Criminal History

Working over a number of months, one of Bullshido's lawyers, Samuel Browning, was able to obtain information on a number of Ralph's previous convictions. Note that all conclusions are drawn from crimes for which Ralph was convicted, not simply arrested.

Browning was able to locate evidence that Ralph Calvillo had been convicted of at least five crimes. These were:

  1. 8/19/1993 Ralph was arrested in Smith Co, SO Tyler for fleeing a police officer in violation of 6701d(186)(a) which is a Class B misdemeanor. He is sentenced on 5/18/1995 to 120 days in jail. Internal Agency Police Number is 9310199.

  2. At some date before the summer of 2000, Ralph was arrested and convicted of Forgery in Texas. We know about this conviction because in a supplemental report filed on 8-1-2000 by Officer Royster-Hicks, this officer discusses talking to Ralph's old probation officer who said that Ralph was previously sent to prison for 2 years for forgery not 6 years for murder as Ralph had previously claimed. The original page with this comment can be seen in post #220, in the second scanned page from the bottom.
  3. July 7, 2000 Ralph was arrested in College Station, Texas for Criminal Attempt, Sexual Assault in the third degree in violation of TPC 22.011. On November 6, 2000 He was sentenced to 3.5 years in the TDCJ and receives 92 days of credit for time already served.

  4. 5/24/2005 Harris CO, SO Houston. Ralph was arrested for 62.10 a state felony, Failing to register as a sex offender. He was sentenced 5/26/05 to 180 days in jail. Tracking #9036020786

  5. 8/8/2006 Harris CO, SO Houston. Ralph is once again arrested for failing to register as a sex offender. This arrest was also made under 62.10 and he pleads guilty and is sentenced on 8/23/2006 to 6 months in jail. Tracking # 9037413080.

What Happened On the Night of the Attempted Rape

The full police reports can be seen as scanned documents here and here.

According to Variance's conversation with a student at Chang Lee's, Ralph's explanation of what happened during the attempted rape went roughly like this:

The girl who filed the complaint was an ex-girlfriend or fiancee or something like that. He broke up with her or something. she got pissed and lied or complained to the court. He also claimed that like he was good friends with her parents or something and they felt sorry for what she did to him and helped him out financially for a bit.

Ralph also told Felipe that he was falsely convicted.

It was with great anticipation that we reviewed Ralph's police records; they indicated that the police had a strong case against him.

One of the first officers on the scene was Officer Wiesepape who described what happened as follows:

On July 7, 2000 I was dispatched to 2701 Longmire near apartment [report can't be read here] in reference to a welfare concern of a female screaming. While in route to the location I was advised by dispatch a female was on the phone saying she was calling from the Texaco gas station at Deacon and Texas Ave.

On arrival I met a white female who was identified as Jane Doe. Doe told me she had run from her apartment where her boyfriend Ralph Calvillo attempted to have sex with her without her consent. Doe said Calvillo had forced her on to the bed where he grabbed her by her arms holding her, preventing her from moving. Doe said she was able to get free from Calvillo after he had fallen asleep. Doe said she got up off the bed and went in to the second bedroom where she laid on the bed. Doe said Calvillo apparently woke up finding her not in bed. Doe said Calvillo found her in the other bedroom and again forcibly held her on the bed this time sitting on top of her.

Doe said Calvillo was holding her preventing her from getting up, and was attempting to remove her shorts in an attempt to have sex with her. Doe said Calvillo told her he was "hurting and wanted to have sex with her even if she didn't". Doe said while Calvillo was sitting on her that he attempted to put his hand down her shorts. Doe said she pulled Cavillo's hand away and was now struggling with Calvillo. Doe said sometime during the incident they fell to the floor where Calvillo was straddling her forcing her legs apart. Doe says she was able to get away from Calvillo and attempt to call the police. Doe said Calvillo took the phone from her throwing it somewhere in the apartment.

Doe said after being unable to call for help she attempted to leave the apartment but was restrained by Calvillo. Doe said she was finally able to get outside the apartment finding Calvillo following her. Doe said Calvillo grabbed her with both of his hands one to her shoulder area and the other he placed over her mouth. Doe said after a brief stuggle she was able to break free from Calvillo, and run to the convenience store where she was able to call the CSPD.

. . . . While at the location, Sgt Dean was approached by two males who advised him they heard a female screaming and wnt to see what was going on. The males were identified as Marcelo Castro and Jeffery Getton. Both males said they saw Doe screaming for Calvillo to let her go, and that he was holding her preventing her from leaving. Sgt Dean said the males told him the female was able to break free and she ran off.

In her statement to the police Jane Doe added some additional details. While she would later request that no charges be filed against Ralph she never recanted her earlier statement or indicated that she had lied at any time to the police.

My boyfriend was Ralph Calvillo. We had been dating since April. We were already having regular relationship problems before he [omitted by police] and I had told him I didn't think it was a good idea. Somehow he convinced me everything would be fine. We had made an agreement that he would. [several lines omitted]

Since he had moved here, I told him I didn't want to be with him, that we needed to break up, but he told me I wasn't giving him a chance. Over 4th of July I told him we were done with, and he told me we would talk about it when we got back home. We didn't discuss it until maybe around 7 pm, when I again told him it was over. He kept wanting to have sex with me because he said I hadn't let him in two days and he was hurting. I repeatedly told him No and finally he stopped pushing himself on me and said he would kill himself. I wasn't sure if he was just threatening me, so I tried to find his parole officer (John Hamilton) phone number. It was already after hours so I did not reach him.

When Ralph came back, I don't remember him talking to me very much. He called a friend to go out with, but instead left and bought some beer. When he came back, my brother came and picked me up. I stayed at his place until 10:[margin omits rest of time] when I got back, he had one beer left and he had calmed down. I stayed up to watch the last 15 minutes of a movie and then I told him I was going to bed. He came to the bedroom to lay down with me except he went back to holding me down on the bed and trying to convince me to have sex or at least let him "go down" on me.

I told him no, that I wouldn't do it. He also wanted me to tell him that I loved him and I wouldn't do that either. I finally started trying to push him off me, but I wasn't strong enough. I had started crying and really trying to get get him off saying please get off me. He said something to me very forcefully really holding my arms down and all I could remember was the evil look in his eyes like he was going to hurt me. At some point he finally stopped holding me down and fell asleep. I moved to the couch to go to sleep. After a few minutes he came to find me and to get me to have sex with him or anything.

Again he held me in a way I couldn't get away. He had one of my legs underneath him and the other held between his legs. I only had one hand free because he was laying on top of my arm and trying to finger me with his other hand. I took ahold of his hand that he was trying to finger me with and he angrily told me to let go. I told him I would not let go until he moved his hand. This repeated three times. During this time we were on my couch he kept telling me not to make him mad and not to make him force himself upon me. I told him if he forced himself upon me I would call the police. He said that it wouldn't be rape because he said I wanted it and would agree to it. I told him I was serious and I had already told him no.

Somehow we got to the floor. He had me straddling him and kept repeating not to force him make him do it. At some point he even tried to get my shorts down but I pulled then back up before he could try anything. He continued to try to convince me by threatening me he would do it but then he would also say he would never hurt me. Finally he said it would hurt because he would have to force himself, He kept saying he would never rape me, but we would have sex tonight. I repeatedly told him No, to get off of me, that I was scared of him, and that I would call the police.

He finally let me up but he followed me everywhere I went and I thought he was going to push me down [one word omitted by margin] I began to look for my phone but I only found his. As I began to try to call the police, he took the phone from me, threw the battery for the phone across the floor, and told me not to call because he would go back to jail.

I ran for the door and tried twice to get out but he was stronger and so it shut, he locked it, and told me don't be stupid. I began to look for my phone and couldn't find it. He said "don't think I didn't take care of that already. I have an IQ of 185."

I replied by telling him I never said he was stupid. I dashed to the door for a 3rd time as he ran after me yelling "Don't". I got outside the apartment and to the top of the steps where he tried to hold me, pull me back, and cover over my mouth. I screamed very loud b/c I was scared. He let go and I ran off. I noticed he went back inside , which at that time he only had underwear on. I ran to the Texaco at Decon and Texas and called 911 at that. . .

[Note: the last page of this report containing Jane Doe's signature was withheld by the police]

Ralph was taken to the police station where he was interviewed by Officer Royster-Hicks. After denying that he had attempt to sexually assault his girlfriend Hicks then had to listen to Ralph boast "about himself most of the time. He said their argument was about him beating the world record for the 40 meter dash. Calvillo said he was 100th of a second from beating the record. Calvillo said she did not act supportive toward his goal. Calvillo tried to impress me by telling me he coached olympic athletes and asked if I had ever met an Olympic Coach. He also told me he served 6 years in prison but did not want to tell me what it was for." According to Ralph, after his track related argument with Doe she walked out of the apartment and he followed her. Outside the apartment "he tried to talk to Doe but she screamed loudly for no reason. Calvillo said when she screamed he grabbed her around the mouth but as soon as he did it he released her. He said he grabbed her as a natural reaction to the scream."

The College Station Police Department did not find Ralph's argument credible and he was arrested. Later Hicks interviewed one Marcelo Castro who "heard some yelling from Does Apt which made them look in her direction. Castro saw "Doe run down to the first landing of the stairs and Calvillo running after Doe and catching her on the landing. Castro said Calvillo grabbed Doe and tried to pull her back up to the Apartment. Castro said Doe was yelling at Calvillo to let her go. Castro said she got away from Calvillo and ran away." Slightly later Calvillo told Castro that Doe "was freaking out about her brother or something."

We do not know what Calvillo's attorney told him prior to his guilty plea; however, he was probably informed that since he was a convicted forger, this previous conviction would be brought out if he testified. Secondly if Ralph's ex-girlfriend testified, regardless of her wish that he not be charged, the events she described would constitute attempted rape. Next Ralph had made rather bizarre and contradictory statements to the police after he was detained at the scene of this crime. Finally there were two witnesses that would confirm that Ralph tried to drag his girlfriend back into the apartment which contradicted his version of what transpired that evening. His girlfriend's flight and her call to the police indicated that at the time she feared for her personal safety. Had Ralph gone to trial based on this information, Samuel Browning estimates that the probability of his conviction would have been at least 90% if Doe had stuck to her initial statement.

Ralph's Plea Bargain and Sentencing

Ralph pled guilty on October 25, 2000 and was sentenced on November 6, 2000. If one goes to post #187 on the thread below, one can see a complete copy of Ralph Calvillo's "Plea of Guilty, Waiver, Stipulation and Judicial Confession" It was signed by Ralph on and filed into the records of the District Court, Brazos County, Texas, 272nd Judicial District on November 7, 2000. Notice that Ralph has put his initials on the right side of certain paragraphs of this document indicating that he was sane and understood the nature of the charges contained in the indictment. Notice that he signed the second page of this document which also indicates:

I do further admit and judicially confess that I committed the acts alleged in the indictment/information in this cause at the time and place and in the manner alleged and that such allegations are true and correct, and I am in fact GUILTY of the offense alleged.

I voluntarily enter my plea of GUILTY to said offense, and my plea is not any considerations of fear or any persuasion or any promises of any kind.

Yes, Ralph is, to put it mildly, lying when he alleges he was forced into a guilty plea against his will.

Ralph Used the Layn Von Erich alias to teach the Martial Arts despite his previous conviction

Back at the beginning of this article we showed you, the reader, the following flier:

Ralph Calvillo flyer

On May 9, 2008 Felipe and Variance dropped by Chang Lee's school to ask him about his former relationship with Ralph Calvillo.

Chang Lee claimed the following to our two interviewers.

  1. Ralph had been a paying student who had just come in one day to train under the Layn Von Erich name. He was never paid to do anything. He went by Layn until the "internet thing came out."

  2. He was never a "teacher" he never taught here. He just came and worked out here. "I was looking for a teacher at the time and he offered but I never hired him as the information came out. He never had an official association with the school and after the information came out I definitely wouldn't want him teaching."

  3. Ralph's technique was very sloppy so Chang Lee didn't think he had much instruction.

  4. Lee asserts he never gave Ralph permission to distribute the flier shown above and they "weren't official."

  5. Lee said he didn't know about Ralph's prior convictions until "after my student told me and after Ralph himself came and talked to me."

  6. When the Mesquite police came to Chang's school a couple of times, Lee stated: "They were just checking up on this same thing."

  7. Ralph was still training as a paid student as late as a "couple" weeks before this interview.

Let's suppose that Ralph did create this flier himself. Notice that there still is a existing weekly class schedule mentioned. There is also a different class price for current students of Chang Lee. Potential students are encouraged to "ask Master Lee about availability".

For Chang Lee to have NO awareness that Ralph was holding himself out as an instructor at his school, Ralph would have to somehow hoped that when any potential new student contacted Lee about these non-existent mixed martial arts classes that Lee would not have blown a gasket but instead congratulated Ralphie for his business acumen setting up a new business program at his school without permission. Or put another way imagine the unlikeliness of this hypothetical conversation.

Ralph to Regular Student: Hey for you my class is $50 a month. But don't tell Lee until I talk to him. Here's my flier.

Regular Student: Duh, okay.

Ralph: Hi Master Lee, I was just talking to your student about the deal you'll cut for him if he takes lessons for me which we haven't discussed.

Lee: Layn/Ralph, you never mentioned this to me, but darn it I'm not angry or going to kick you out of my school for interfering with my business affairs.

Felipe had a student at Lee's School mention to him in early September that "Layn" was teaching there (see here, here, and here), and Variance heard the same information from another of Lee's students.

Additionally on, or before September 12, 2007 Chang Lee suddenly called Felipe about Layn after news of his sexual conviction had appeared on Bullshido.net, suggesting that he had more invested in this situation then if Ralph had simply been one of his hundreds of students.

At this time Felipe said to Chang that Ralph was teaching at his school and Chang did not comment on this statement. According to Felipe, Chang did not deny this assertion during their conversation which was a bit strange if Ralph was not teaching at his school.

Even though one of the TKD "guys" had cornered "Layn" at his Austin fight, on September 7, 2007 where his real name would have been announced, it is Chang's story that he only knew "Layn" was using an alias after the story broke on the internet. And it was not until September 10, 2007 that Felipe published proof that Ralph Calvillo was a sex offender. Perhaps Ralph's corner did not immediately bother to tell Lee that the MMA fighter who was studying at his school was using an alias after this fight. Such an omission however, is one more layer of unlikely in Chang's story.

According to another of Felipe's sources, the father of a student studying at Chang Lee's, Layn was still teaching at Chang's as of September 25, 2007 two weeks after Lee became aware of his sex offender status, and Layn was only fired as a teacher in early October after the Mesquite Police had stopped by to talk to Lee about his employee.

This father may be a second-hand source of information concerning Ralph's teaching activities. Based on Chang's later admission that the police had been by to visit, this source's accuracy has been established as to the police drop by, and therefore has established some degree of credibility when also claiming that Ralph had been teaching at Chang Lee's.

It is possible that Felipe's sources and Varience's friend were simply wrong that Ralph ever taught at Cheng Lee's. Perhaps the Mesquite Police stopped by Lee's studio when Ralph was only a student and not an instructor. Perhaps Ralph unilaterally risked his relationship with Lee by creating a flier asserting he was offering classes at Lee's studio on terms he had never discussed with Lee but which offered a discount for Lee's existing students. But it is more likely that Ralph, as Layn Von Erich, taught MMA for a short time at Chang Lee's studio and that Lee was reluctant to fire him until essentially forced to by law enforcement attention. If Lee could be fooled then in the future, Ralph undoubtedly can talk his way into teaching at another martial arts school or possibly opening up his own school.

Ralph Calvillo, Masseur

In September of 2007, Variance obtained the following card from his friend at Chang Lee's who in turn obtained this card from Ralph operating under his Layn Von Erich alias.

Ralph Calvillo's business card.

Yes, Ralph is in the massage business under his favorite alias and this business card is a form of advertising. A check of the relevant Texas website reveals that no Ralph Calvillo is licensed to practice massage therapy in the State of Texas.

Under the Texas Occupations Code 455.001 specifies "(7) 'massage therapist' means a person who practices or administers massage therapy or other massage services to a client for compensation. The term includes a licensed massage therapist, therapeutic massage practitioner, massage technician, masseur, masseuse, myotherapist, body massager, body rubber, or any derivation of those titles."

Besides other relevant licensing requirements, Sec 455.152 (a) states "A person is not eligible for a license as a . . . massage therapist . . . if the person is an individual and has been convicted of, entered a plea of nolo contendere or guilty to, or received deferred adjudication for an offense involving prostitution or another sexual offense.

Similarly under Sec 455.1525 (b) "An applicant is not eligible for a license under this chapter if the applicant, in the five years preceding the date of the application, has been finally convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or a felony."

Since Ralph was last convicted of a felony in August 2006, he would presumably not be able to be licensed to do any sort of paid massage work until September 2011. However let us be slightly moralistic and contend that anyone convicted of attempted sexual assault, which we believe to be a sexual offense, should not be in the massage business. Since attempted rape probably falls under Sec 455.152 (a)'s prohibition against "sexual offenses" we believe that Texas law will support us on this point.

Sec 455.352 (a) specifies that it is an "offense" to (2) collect a fee or any other form of of compensation for massage therapy without being licensed under this chapter." Sec 455.205 (c) reads: "A person who is not licensed under this chapter may not use the word "massage" on any form of advertising unless the person is expressly exempt from the licensing requirements of this chapter."

Violation of Section 455.352 (a) and 455.205 (c) are Class C Misdemeanors. Since Ralph previously has at least four felony convictions this shouldn't bother him too much, but it does show a continuing intent to break the law.

During the course of our investigation Bullshido members did interview one woman who briefly dated Ralph Calvillo. On the night of February 3, 2008 she met Ralph for drinks and then went back to an address that appears to be on Northmoor Drive, Dallas TX 75229. According to "A" Ralph "said he was a certified masseuse, and swore that in his 'spare time' he still took clients (which - he charged $300 + for a massage)." At this time Ralph shared this residence with an older man whom he told "A" was his "business partner". Ralph had one of the rooms in the house set up with a professional massage table and other massage accessories. "A" does say that Ralph was professional while giving her a massage and did not charge her money. It appears however that Ralph was set up to conduct a massage business out of this house even though he is not licensed to work in this field.

Ralph's General Untrustworthiness

By now the reader has undoubtedly noticed that there is ample evidence in this investigation that Ralph is a habitual liar. Many of the whoppers that Ralph has told were not particularly well documented, though Felipe did copy Ralph's MySpace account on September 18, 2007 which Ralph then claimed:

I have a martial arts studio that I teach Mixed Martial Arts to men women and children of all ages. You're never to old to learn!

Hometown: Manchester, England
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Children: Someday
Education: Grad / professional school
Occupation: Pro Athlete
Income: $150,000 to $250,000

As we've previously noted, Ralph is an Amateur athlete who now has a record of 1-2 in the cage. The claim that he has any connection to Manchester, England is laughable as is the claim that he ever managed to get to graduate school, since his imprisonment for attempted sexual assault interrupted Ralph's UNDERGRADUATE studies. If Ralph is making $150,000 a year it certainly is not as a professional athlete since he is not paid to fight. If Ralph, is for once, telling the truth about teaching women and children then that is a matter for concern given his previous criminal record.

Let's return to Officer Royster-Hicks supplemental report filed on 8-1-2000 that we have previously cited.

I returned to the PD and contacted Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Cavillo's probation officer. Hamilton was recently assigned Cavlillo and could not give me much information. He did give me the name of Cavillo's old probation officer and I called her.

She said Cavlillo was a habitual liar. She said Cavlillo's father is not a high ranking officer with Wells Fargo, she said he was not a cheerleader for Texas Tech. She said he caused trouble at the community college he went attended. [SB note: sic] She said the school called her about Cavillo disrupting class and harassing girls. She said he was sent to prison for 2 years for forgery not 6 years for murder. She said he[his] family has nothing to do with him. She said he does not have a twin who recently died. She has heard of him claiming to be a Navy SEAL and talked about beating a world record. She said he is not about to break a record and is no sports star.

Note that Ralph told some of these lies to law enforcement professionals. If anything, Ralph's ability to tell the truth to civilians is even more impaired. If you doubt this preposition just remember this is the guy who advertised himself as a "MMA Champion" on a flier, when his only fights in the cage, up to that point had resulted in losses.

Given his Past History Ralph is Likely not to Keep his Address Registered with Law Enforcement Authorities

As previously mentioned in the criminal history section, Ralph has two convictions for failing to register as a sexual offender. He was sentenced to 180 days in Jail on May 26, 2005 and again on August 23, 2006. At the time of Ralph's second arrest he was claiming to live at an address that was actually vacant: "The grass was overgrown and the home was for sale. . . The power meter was removed and [there] was no activity in or around the residence."

Before finally registering with the Dallas Police on April 1, 2008 (saying that he lived at 12888 Montfort Drive, Apt #139, Dallas, TX 75230), Ralph had registered on April 11, 2007 with the Police Department of Grand Prairie Texas. (He was registered at 1145 Jamie Drive, Grand Prairie TX, 75052.) To take classes or teach at Chang Lee's (3330 North Galloway, Suite 117, Mesquite, TX) he would have had to have driven 34.84 miles or 40 minutes one way to class up to three times a week. (mileage from Mapquest) This is of course physically possible but its a long way to travel so we suspect that at least part of this time, Ralph lived closer by. If he had been traveling from his present listed address at Montfort Drive, his journey would have been 16.13 miles over 21 minutes. If Ralph was traveling from Northmoor Drive in Dallas as claimed by "A" his journey would have taken 24 minutes for 17.66 miles. (Mapquest) It is Samuel Browning's suspicion that by September 2007, when Ralph was most likely (briefly) teaching at Chang Lee's, that he was no longer living at the Grand Prairie address though his domicile during this month cannot yet be confirmed.1

As of late June, 2008 Ralph is still registered at 1145 Jamie Drive in Grand Prairie for the purposes of his fight license; this is an address at which he has not lived for months.

Ralph Uses Craig's List To Meet Unsuspecting Friends

During our investigation Bullshido members found evidence that Ralph would cruise Craig's List looking for female friends in the Dallas Area. In "A"'s case she met Ralph in early 2008 though "the 'Strictly Platonic' section of CL. "I came upon his post, and he sounded harmless, so I decided to email him. I emailed him, and sent 2 pictures of myself - just head shots basically, and he responded within 10 minutes - with 2 pictures of his own. We exchanged a few emails back and forth, then he gave me his number and told me I could call him. I called, we chatted for about 40 minutes or so...he told me he was a professional 'fighter'...and that his 'job' was to train for fights."

Then there was this ad which Felipe discovered on Craig's List in the Strictly Platonic section. Though Ralph's face is not shown Felipe identified him through his tattoos which are also visible on Ralph's fight photos:

Ralph Calvillo's Craigslist ad.

The text from 1-16-2008 reads as follows:

Ok so here's the deal. I'm a pro athlete and I always dress comfortable but I need to start dressing a little nicer. I am single and looking to change that. I have no problem meeting women or dating but I want to appeal to a different class of women now. I have a lot to offer and need the help of a beautiful woman who knows her style and won't try to change my image but complement it. In return you will make an awsome friend, always get tickets to my fights, nice dinners, and nites out on the town and if you just want to go to a club and hang you'll aways have a crime partner. I make an awsome wingman! Don't worry I will filter the jerks for you. You'll always have someone to count on and won't hit on you and try to get you into bed but always compliment you on your beauty and your outfit. I'm real and I'm serious, my best friend is my sister but she moved far away so I'm without the better half that kept me sane. I'm wanting to go shopping Saturday if possible but would like to talk and meet before that? Are you a real woman and not a user and gold digger? Take a chance. I'm funny as hell too.

Ralph had used a similar ad to pick up "A" and convert a "platonic" relationship into a more intimate one. Secondly he also used a version of the my sister moved aways story to gain "A"'s confidence when they initial met. That this story was totally made up, and that Ralph was estranged from his family members was a fact he kept from "A".

Since January of 2008 Felipe has seen at least one or two Craig's list ads he believes to be for Ralph Calvillo though he was unable to screen capture these ads in time to be featured here.


The best information we have suggests that Ralph Calvillo, using the alias Layn Von Erich is still occasionally cruising Craig's list looking for female friends and promoting his other services which ranges from massage to MMA instruction. We believe he'll be able to meet women and customers who have no idea of his criminal past.


  • 1 - We had previously heard that Ralph Calvillo had his fight license suspended in Louisiana and Texas. This has turned out not to be true. (E-mail from Jerri Dix, Texas Department of Licensing and Registration, 6-26-2008, conversation with Alvin J. Topham, Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission, 6-30-2008.) The story started when Ralph was scheduled to fight in an MMA match in Louisiana on March 15, 2008 and disappeared from the venue approximately half an hour before his fight. Since he had been involved in some sort of major argument with his girlfriend, a German National, at this location, Samuel Browning asked the Dallas police to conduct a welfare check to see if she was alright. On 6-20-2008, Charles Hale of the Dallas Police Department e-mailed Samuel Browning to inform him that Ralph's girlfriend was fine and was aware of his sex offender status. For promoter Gill Guillory's description of what happened at the LA no-show please see the Bullshido thread on the subject. Once again please note that despite Gill's comments, Ralph's license was never suspended in this state.

    To try and independently confirm when Ralph stopped residing at 1145 Jamie Drive, in Grand Prairie, Texas, Samuel Browning and 1bad65, repeatedly called 972-602-9777, the number registered to Derek Bryan Foster, who owns this address. During eight phone calls no one picked up the phone at this location.


Special thanks to Pan Am Silver, Variance, WingChunDo, 1Bad65, and Josh Artigue.