Rear Naked Choke

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The Rear Naked Choke, or the "RNC", is a powerful cartoid choke (cutting off bloodflow to the brain), and comes in two general varieties, the "Figure 4" type (also known as a "Hand on Bicep/Shoulder"), and the "Clasping Hands" type. Most other varients of the RNC or so called "Sleeper Hold" are modified forms of either type.

The major difference between the two types is the fact that the Clasping Hands RNC becomes a hybrid blood/air choke due to the way it is applied, making it a much more painful but slower acting choke. However, the basic principle is the same for both: Fit the choking bicep and the forearm around the neck, and apply a lateral pressure to cut off the circulation from the cartoid arteries.

Figure 4

Clasping Hands

Other Notes: The "Naked" part of the name refers to the fact that a gi is not required to accomplish this choke.

This choke is one of the most common ways to finish a mixed martial arts competition, most often coming from these series of events:

-Fighter A takes mount, begins Ground and Pound

-Fighter B tries to roll out of the mount to escape from the punches

-Fighter A takes advantage of situation, prevents B from escaping, and applies a RNC

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