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Tae Yun Kim

Creator of Jung Su Won


  • Tae Yun Kim, born Kyong Ae Kim 2/2/1946 as the eldest daughter in her family.
  • She married in the late 1960's and took her husband's name, and became Kyong Ae Fontaine.
  • On August 24th, 1970 Kim entered the US. Initially in Seattle, WA. She then moved to White River Junction, Vermont.
  • Kim divorced her first husband of approximately 20 years in the late 1980's.
  • Kim changed her name to Tae Yun, and school's name to Jung SuWon in approximately 1990.
  • In 1991 Kim married a wealthy Utah businessman's 24 year old son, this was subsequently annulled in court action.


Alleged Events and Actions

  • Around 1991 this same time she recruited some of her more loyal students to live with her. When room ran out in her home, she enlisted a student owned home as a dorm for new members. This new group was called COL. AKA City of Light, Center of Light, and officially College of Learning Inc, a California Corporation.
  • In approximately 1992 Lighthouse Associates, a struggling engineering consulting firm started with the help of a Jung SuWon Instructor, COL member finally took off with the finding of a niche in the Contamination Control Industry.
  • In approximately 1994 Kim and her followers became involved with Utah based IDN/NuSkin, a health supplement pyramid sales system. This was reported on Bullshido to have divided many members and their families on the outside, because of harsh sales techniques employed by the members.
  • In 1995, one of many ex-students filed suit against Kim, she was given a confidential settlement. In the suit, the young plaintiff claimed fraud, and that Kim had swindled 1.2 million dollars of an inheritance.
  • In 1997 the company changed its name to Lighthouse WorldWide Solutions Inc.
  • In approximately 1997 Kim and her followers became involved with now defunct "The Peoples Network" pyramid sales system of satellite TV, with motivational programming (which the Grandmaster Kim show was also featured on).
  • From approximately 1997-2000 Kim had the "Grandmaster Kim Show" which aired nationally on community access. Their was several different incarnations of this program, which started at San Jose Community Access, and led up to full production at the KTSF Studios in San Francisco, though the Kim Show never aired on KTSF.
  • Kim in a television interview
    In 1998 2 television investigations were launched, one by KingWorld's Inside Edition, a syndicated national television news magazine. The other was spearheaded by local investigative reporter Dan Noyes of KGO an ABC/Disney O&O Television station. This Inside edition aired in May 1998, with a direct interview with Kim where she responds to the question "are you a cult" with an "absolutely not"
  • Dan Noyes' investigation was tabled by a new GM who was frightened off on his first day by the local Korean business community protesting on Kim's behalf, calling ABC a racist network.
  • On July 5th 1998, Kim moved into "Stargazer" the replacement of COL1, located off of rural Vargas Road in Fremont, California. This was reported by the Fremont Argus newspaper as the single largest real estate transaction in Fremont's history, despite an already expensive real estate climate, and the city boasting over 200,000. The transaction was reported at over 5.5 million dollars.
  • In 2001 a documentary was made by a Korean television network. It was briefly on YouTube, before being removed by YouTube, after Kim's companies claimed copyright ownership.
  • In 2005 Kim planned an exodus to New Mexico. She and her followers purchased several town homes. She reported to some of her students that she was purchasing a Swedish chalet, as the new COL1/Stargazer.
  • In 2005 Kim and her followers became involved in a mortgage pyramid system, to help others qualify to buy homes.
  • In 2005 a thread was started as a "lightning rod" to group together ex COL members in a united front.
  • In March 2007 a link to the YouTube video of Inside Edition's expose on Kim was posted on the Bullshido thread, soon after a flurry of postings including one from poster "Hello123" lead to a "self help group" like atmosphere on the thread. Now as many as two dozen ex-col members post on Bullshido.
  • Beginning in late March 2007 the first of several in thread posters claiming to be Jung SuWon and COL members posted in support of Kim. Some posts, most notably some in late June 2007 include ad-hominem attacks on ex-members, some of whom do not even appear to be posting.
  • In June 2007, Cultmaster.com was launched by unknown persons with a myriad of stories and claims. With less than two months online, Cultmaster.com ceased to exist. The cause of this was never made clear. It is likely due to aforementioned civic case, pending in California.
  • Kim is currently (as of July 2007) involved in a court action with an ex-student.
  • In early July 2007 Bullshido, YouTube, and Cultmaster.com were contacted with copyright infringement documents requesting removal of copyrighted information, with statements from individual owners of photos, art, etc. It should be noted that Bullshido staff has never confirmed this, however Bullshido staff action coincided with events on YouTube and Cultmaster.com and it is assumed.

Martial Arts Information

Kim with a student
Kim claims to have been trained by her uncle, and then subsequently a monk who taught her "Tae Kwon Do with an emphasis on Ki Energy". There has never been any evidence presented to students of this, however evidence to the contrary is available.

More info on the background of her training can be found in the Jung Su Won page.

Her schools have been known as Kyong Ae Academy in Burlington, VT, ATC Academy, in Burlington, and then ATC Inc in Milipitas, CA. No names existed concurrently, only one school has existed at a time. Kim moved her operations to California after a series of events including a lawsuit, presumably made carrying on of business in Vermont difficult.

Her brother also owns a chain of schools named Moo Gong Do in Southern California and Vermont.


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