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About Me

I was born in Belgium to a German mother and Turkish father, but we moved to the UK three months later, meaning I’m quite Anglicized (though I would still call myself Turkish or German rather than English, despite the fact that my grasp of Turkish is tenuous to say the least...). My life is focused around several interests, especially martial arts and poetry, the latter also being my area of academic study since 1999. I live in Birmingham with my gf for half the week, spending the rest working in London.

I joined Bullshido in September 2004 after a period of lurking, having first geeked out on internet forums around 2002. I have also attended several throwdowns in the UK.

Martial Arts Experience

I began martial arts with a year of fencing back at school, but started training seriously during September 1999 at university, in a style called Zhuan Shu Kuan. After graduating with a Masters degree in 2003, I attended various clubs intermittently, becoming regular again in 2005 when I began my PhD. Unfortunately training was cut short by injury halfway through my third judo lesson, which put me out for around a year. Feeling sufficiently recovered by November 2006, I joined the Roger Gracie Academy, where I generally train at least twice a week.

My full experience is listed here. Long version of my background is here, after which my training log begins.