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Zujitsu, Zujitsu-Ryu, or Zulu Martial Arts (ZU.M.A.), is a modern martial art system of blended fighting styles developed by Grand Master Chaka Zulu for self-defense and street combat.

Grandmaster Chaka Zulu began his study of the martial arts in 1950 at the age of eleven. He holds black belt ranks in the arts of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Sanuces Jiu-jitsu, and Nisei Goju Karate. In addition, he trained hand to hand combat in the recon company of the U.S. Marines. Grand Master Zulu integrated his training, incorporating his own innovations to improve his art. His main concern was, and is, self defense and this was reflected in all his teachings. In the early '80's he realized that he was no longer teaching solely one art. Instead he was teaching something unique and different. In l984 he named and founded his system of ZUJITSU-RYU: The Art of Zulu. In l992 he was awarded the rank of 10th degree black by Grand Patriarch Peter Urban. In 1994 he was officially acknowledged by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council as the Soke, head of system, of Zujitsu. On September 2, 2000 the Council inducted him into their Hall of Fame as Millennium Historical Figure.

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