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From The Martial Arts Encyclopedia

Dear Mr. Gutierrez

I am sorry to email you with such information however I feel you should be made aware of the following (if you are not already)

Mr. Ralph Severe, whom I understand is your Martial Arts Instructor has made a number of statements which have been the subject of discussion and debate within a consumer advocacy website Unfortunately Mr. Severe is behaving rather poorly in both his conduct online and with the material he’s releasing into the public domain.

I wish to very respectfully draw your attention to what appears to be Mr. Severe’s claims of Security/LE certification which is suggested partly originates with yourself.

It is not my position to suggest or imply that Mr. Severe does not hold such certification however, the nature of his behaviour and the debate this is creating may have a negative impact upon your good name.

The discussion is considerably lengthy given Mr. Severe’s childishness however if you wish to peruse the entire thread it is located here : Please see the last 10 pages to save your time and effort.

You will note from the date of the original post, this discussion reaches back 5 years; Mr. Severe decided in January of this year to begin posting into this thread which had long since drifted into obscurity.

I feel it is only fair and proper to advise you that Mr. Severe’s overall credentials have been questioned beyond those of his Bujinkan involvement (which has never been a matter of contention) however; Members of the discussion consist of serving Military and Law Enforcement Professionals (including myself) who have questioned the material Mr. Severe teaches and claims accreditation in. Mr. Severe’s Military records have been released under the FOIA and have been made public to illustrate that despite Mr. Severe alluding to have “real experience” as advertised on his website, the reality of Mr. Severe’s service does not extend beyond 43 days or recruit training in the US Marines.

I hope Sir that you will at least consider your position in this matter, and take a look that the discussion and potentially where that may lead. is known for formally investigating suspicious martial arts and military claims and making their findings known publicly – such investigations can be read in full through the site’s online encyclopaedia:

I think it only fair to also inform you that I am a contributor to the website and have written several investigative articles myself.

Just for your information; I am a current serving member of the British Armed Forces, an infantry soldier with current operational experience within the Middle East. I enlisted in the early 1980’s. I am currently serving within a specialist Force Protection element which provides one third of the UK’s Special Forces Support Group.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Humm

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