Founded in 2002 as an independent outlet to combat misinformation, fraud, and other forms of “BS”, Bullshido made its mark on the self defense and fitness industries before expanding its mission to address such things on a wider, and more important scale. With the rise of smartphones and a population connected to the Internet 24 hours a day—interacting with information of varying degrees of credibility—it became a matter of exigent concern to address the problems caused by falsehoods shared online.

Our Mission

It takes a significantly greater effort to debunk fake news and correct misinformation than it takes to manufacture and spread such things.

This is not a new phenomenon, indeed, Mark Twain observed a century ago that, “a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on”.

With this in mind, the Bullshido Media Foundation’s core mission is to teach what we describe as “Self Defense Against BS”—the skills necessary for individuals to avoid being misled and taken advantage of by bad actors.

Why This Matters

While once they were mostly harmless fodder for spooky television and late-night radio shows, conspiracy theories have become an information pandemic in their own right thanks to the ability to reach an exponentially wider audience. And that audience, in turn, is a prime target for con artists, grifters, and demagogues—all of which are eager to cash in on their share of billions of dollars from tens of millions of individuals unprepared to defend themselves against newer and more intricate scams and manipulation tactics.